Image-Group1-25pc FAMILY SURVIVORS OF SUICIDE is a self – help group in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, dedicated to helping those who have lost loved ones to suicide. It was founded on February 11, 1988, at the McGill School of Social Work, by four members of different families who had each lost a family member to suicide. Meetings, attended over the years by more than 3,500 people, are conducted by the members themselves.Membership in FAMILY SURVIVORS OF SUICIDE is open to anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide. There are no memberships fees. After attending a first meeting, all those interested are invited to add their names to our mailing list and to attend future meetings.FAMILY SURVIVORS OF SUICIDE can be a positive support to individual or family therapy. A safe, confidential and non judgemental place to share with others.


FSOS offers emotional support on overcoming the feelings and fear that follow in the wake of suicide. It helps survivors to understand the past and lighten the way to a new future.


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hidden-face Documentary:  The Hidden Face of Suicide (2010)        

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In The Hidden Face of Suicide, filmmaker Yehudit Silverman enters the world of the survivors, those who have lost loved ones to suicide, and reveals their remarkable stories. Through them, Silverman finds the courage to break the silence in her own family. In this meditative and heartfelt documentary, suicide is looked at with fresh eyes, originality, and intelligence. Her journey brings to light the danger of secrets and the terrible cost of silence.